Welcome to my site! Inside you will find a collection of some of my favorite photographs and photography projects. I got my first camera around 1990, the Pentax Auto 110. It was a completely automatic camera and didn't really teach me much about photography itself, but it did teach me how I could make people feel with my photographs and, I suppose, that is what drove my desire to continue taking pictures. Later I upgraded to a Minolta XG-7, a 35mm with full manual controls. This is when I fell in love with the technical side of it. I guess I've always had a "tech" bug in me and this camera was far more sophisticated than the single-button Auto 110. Around 2004 I started tinkering with digital photography and, sadly, left my film cameras behind. In 2009 I moved to Vancouver British Columbia to formally study photography at Focal Point Photography School: The Visual Arts Learning Centre (which sadly closed its doors in 2012). During this time I renewed my love for film and developed a greater appreciation for the art as a whole.

For photography inquiries please email me at jess@gibsonvisuals.com

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